Next Technology in the Evolution of Compression/Deduplication

posted Jul 26, 2011, 8:21 AM by Michael Peterson   [ updated Jul 26, 2011, 8:25 AM ]

Native Format Optimization, NFO, Launched by "balesio AG" in Switzerland

balesio Native Format Optimization Technology (NFO)

balesio's native data reduction appliances and software solutions provide storage capacity optimization through NFO technology.

Our solutions optimize unstructured data on primary storage by 50-90% and help enterprises to optimize existing storage capacities as well as to flatten rapid data storage growth without impacting storage and network performance. On the contrary, the native data optimization increases the performance of data throughput and network operations. Easy to install and use, our solutions support any type of storage and no infrastructure changes are necessary.

Our NFO technology is composed of a comprehensive set of content-aware native optimization algorithms especially developed for unstructured file formats such as Microsoft Office files, PowerPoint presentations and images. Our technology reduces the footprint of these files by up to 50 times while preserving the original file format, making a subsequent rehydration or decompression unnecessary.

balesio's native format optimization technology provides enterprises the following benefits:

Native data reduction of unstructured files by 50-90%
Performance increase due to smaller file sizes
Visually lossless data reduction
Significant data reduction on unstructured files (represent 70-80% of total primary storage)
Fully transparent
Agnostic to applications, networks, storage
No file rehydration necessary
Complementary to any other storage efficiency technology (deduplication, archiving, etc.)
High availability
Data is always available and at any time
Deploys seamlessly into high-availability environments