Conference Proceedings

Digital Preservation Related Presentations and Event Proceedings

The Library, Academic, and Archives community hosts many events and conferences and most of the time, the conference proceedings are posted to add to the body of literature and education available to this community.  Please help build a consolidated event resource here. 

Conference Report Links 

  1. PASIG Conference: January 2012 Austin:  Conference Proceedings & Event Summary:   Michael Peterson presented on Virtual Preservation, Bob Rogers on Audit and Certification
  2. PASIG Conference: May 2011 - Conference Proceedings & Event Summary: Michael Peterson presented on Cloud-Archive Practices 
  3. May 16-18 - IS&T's Archiving2011 Conference -   Michael Peterson presented a tutorial on "Using the Cloud for Archive"
  4. IEEE MSST 2011 - May 23-27, 2011, Brown Place Hotel Denver
  5. Preserving Email: Directions and Perspectives
  6. Blue Ribbon Task Force Symposium 
  7. A National Conversation on the Economic Sustainability of Digital Information 
  8. Blue Ribbon Task Force Final Repor
  9. A National Conversation on the Economic Sustainability of Digital Information: Presentations 
  10. Digital Preservation Interoperability Framework (DPIF) SymposiumPresentations 
  11. IEEE MSST 2010  
  12. Digital Preservation Best Practices, Lessons Learned From Across The Pond, Manojlovich, Slavko and Bennett, Michael J.,  (2011). UConn Libraries Presentations:  Focus - Excellent listing of Resources for best practice planning including examples. 
  13. inDP 2009: International Workshop on Innovation in Digital Preservation
  14. PASIG Conference at the British Library April 4-5
  15. SNW-USA: with the SNIA, April 4-7 - Santa Clara, CA.         focus: cloud storage
  16. NIST: Workshop on Long-term Preservation and Management of Electronic Health Records  April 4-5 
  17. NIST:  Cloud Computing Forum & Workshop III   April 7-8 -  - - 


Upcoming Events in which we are Participating:

  1. Flash Memory Summit, Santa Clara, August 21-23
  2. VMWorld, San Francisco, August 26-30 Moscone
  3. SNW, San Francisco, October